Lucee Web Root

We want to change the webroot folder of lucee. Is it as simple as changing it in the overview option in the administrator? We have a mismatch in directories between our dev and production environments and there is one that uses a path and when we copy to production we have to manually update the path.

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OS: Windows
Java Version: ???
Tomcat Version: ???
Lucee Version: ???

No, you don’t change the webroot in the Lucee Administrator. It depends on your installation and configuration. Try changing the webroot within your webserver. Of you are using mod_cfml the changes will probably be identified by mod_cfml who should update the changes. If not, Then go to
path-to-,lucee-installation/tomcat/conf/catalina/ and look for the directory of the affected site, open the ROOT.xml, make the changes and restart Tomcat.