Lucee V5.3 with Tomcat 9 on Ubuntu/Debian using JAR-File

I’m looking for an installation guide for a manual installation of Lucee V5.3.x on Ubuntu / Debian, Tomcat 9, Apache 2.x using the JAR file. Maybe someone knows a guide.

I have already installed the same configuration with Tomcat 8 very often and without any problems. With Tomcat 8 I downloaded the JAR file and saved it in the folder ‘/usr/share/tomcat8/lib/’, then I created a folder ‘/var/lib/tomcat8/lucee-server’ and added the necessary entries in the file ‘/etc/tomcat8/web.xml’. After a Tomcat restart, the Lucee files were automatically deployed in the folder ‘/var/lib/tomcat8/lucee-server’. This does not work anymore with Tomcat 9; the folder is empty after the restart.

Maybe somewhere is an existing installation guide, how to solve the problem.

Thankful for any advice.

Would you be willing to toss a sack of coins to the person that did this for you?

You could review the Lucee install that the Lucee Installer produces, since that basically automates what you’re wanting to do.

Alternatively, there is some really old documentation that I found that talks about how to do it, but due to it’s age, you will probably need to interpolate a little: