Lucee Stops Serving Pages after Error

My installation of Lucee./Tomcat has suddenly stopped returning any content.
Restarting the tomcat container fixes the problem temporarily.
When the behavior occurs - no content is being returned from Toomn/Apaache/Lucee.

Where can I look to see what;'s causing this crash and why Lucee isn’t spitting out anything (like any version of CF did).

Step one, install Fusion Reactor or similar to see what running threads there are. There’s two possibilities that come to mind:

  1. All of the running threads are hung on something like DB calls or locks and not responding
  2. The connection thread pool from the Tomcat connector has been exhausted

Technically, it could be both of those. But you need to open the hood and start looking around. Next, check your request timeout setting in Lucee. If you have long running threads coupled with a low request timeout, every time Lucee kills a thread, it tends to murder the Tomcat connector thread which leaves it zombied and not returned to the pool to server more requests. I think there’s around 120 threads in the Tomcat connector pool so if that is happening, after lucee kills 120 long running pages, your server stops responding.

You can’t remove the request timeout, but you can set it really high. There’s also an experimental setting that work around this by spawning a second thread to run each request in, but it’s disabled by default. (lucee.async.request.handle) but it will “break” tools like SeeFusion or FusionReactor.

After reading your original message again, I just want to clarify-- are you saying that Lucee isn’t responding at all to requests, or it is responding but with a blank page? if the latter is what you’re saying then my message above may not be applicable. Start by eliminating layers like Apache from the mix and checking your catalina.out logs as well. I’ve seen Lucee 5 return blank pages before, but usually in edge cases when something really bad has happened inside the engine and the error isn’t being handled.