Lucee stderr log file huge, can I set a limit?

Hi everyone,

On Windows Server 2022 64/bit running Lucee, Apache Tomcat/9.0.78, Java 11.0.20 (Eclipse Adoptium) 64bit

Our lucee stderr file grows all the time to over 1TB in size, filling all the space in our disk every so often. Is there a way to auto-prune the old contents of that file so that only the new content shows and it does not go over a certain fixed size limit? (say, 200MB).

Any help would be appreciated.


lognamesuchasCatalinalog.log > nul

You can just Null it on windows, it takes the stress off IOPs

If you want a specific file size, you would have to configure tomcats logging.

in tomcatroot\conf\

add or make sure exists

handlers =,,,,
#Add the following # 250 MB limit # Maximum number of files to keep

save the file, restart the service
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