Lucee Server Quits

Running 4.5 on Windows. Lucee Server starts (either automatically or manually). I send a request for a web page to localhost:8888 – Response, “can’t establish a connection with localhost:8888.” I go to services and Lucee Server is not running.

What’s up?

John Matlock

What’s in the Lucee logs? Surely you’ve checked there. Start with catalina.out.

Thanks, your reply gave me just the hint I needed.

The way Lucee does logs with all the logs in one file makes it a little difficult to find just the one you need. But I did a search on today’s date and found just today’s logs.

Lucee/stderr told me that one of the virtual host definitions was missing the </Host>. Fixed that and it ran perfectly. Having that stop the service seems a little strange, but so be it.

Thanks again.


Well, Tomcat can’t start without valid config. And to be clear, it didn’t “stop” the service. The service just never really started in the first place. When you ask Windows to start a service, it basically fires of an executable but doesn’t really know what it’s doing. The server tried to come up, but errored out.