Lucee server configuration issue


I just installed Lucee onto a Windows Server 2019 box.
The {server-ip}:8888 URL works fine, however,
Page /lucee/administrator/web.cfm [C:{luceeInstallPath}\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\lucee\context\administrator\web.cfm] not found

Google for such error didn’t yield meaningful result.
How to fix it?


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Awesome. Thank you.

Yes, You can follow as per zac said OR another one more way to do that.

  • Just open this, in your browser.
  • you could see the Secure Administrators at bottom of the page,
  • so there are server and web highlighted.
  • For Admin-server, you should click the server and Admin-Web means, you should click the web :slightly_smiling_face: