Lucee seems to ignore logger config attribute appender="console"

After upgrading to lucee@ (commandbox) from lucee@ my logging to console stopped working. My configuration is handled by cfconfig, and when starting a new container the logs don’t appear in the console. Only logs with ERROR level appear. This is the generated line in lucee-web.xml:

<logger appender="console" appender-arguments="streamtype:output" appender-class="" layout="classic" layout-arguments="" layout-class="" level="info" name="trace"/>

When I go to the web admin - loggers - trace and hit save (don’t change any values) it does work and the only thing that has changed in lucee-web.xml is this:

<logger appender-arguments="streamtype:output" appender-class="" layout-arguments="" layout-class="" level="info" name="trace"/>

So it seems that the logger attribute “appender=console” breaks the actual logging to console. Without the attribute it works fine but if I configure that in cfconfig-web.json it adds a default value: “appender: resource”.
I’m messing around with this the whole day now, so it’s either a bug in Lucee or I am missing something super obvious. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: Docker ortussolutions/commandbox:alpine
Lucee Version:, Commandbox, CfConfig module installed

can you file a bug in jira?

Yes of course, [LDEV-4032] - Lucee