Lucee Script Runner - version query, compile, Github Actions Windows support

I have updated the Lucee Script Runner with some additional features.


You can now specify a query string to run with the following syntax to select which version of Lucee you want to run, it overrides luceeVersion


i.e -DluceeVersionQuery="0/stable/jar"

version is a filter prefix, like 5, 5.3, 5.4 or 6, use 0 to ignore the version
type is stable, rc, snapshot, or use all to ignore the type
distribution is jar, light, zero

  • 0/stable/jar runs with the latest released stable fat/full jar
  • 6/all/zero runs with the latest 6 zero build (zero is 6 only)
  • 5.4/rc/light runs with the latest 5.4 RC light build
  • 5/stable/light runs with the latest 5 stable light build

LDEV-4663 script-runner, allow specifying a version type -DluceeQueryVersion=“0/rc/zero”
LDEV-4661 add update provider endpoint /latest/{version}/{type}/{distribution}/{format}


passing in -Dcompile=true on the command line or compile: true will compile all the code under specified webroot

This is great for catching any invalid cfml during CI before it hits production, also great for checking your code against the latest 6 snapshot to catch any errors introduced which causes errors with your codebase

Windows Runner support for Github actions

I updated the action.yml to use Windows syntax for running script-runner, you can see examples here


Why do we use ant for all this you ask? coz it’s super light weight and fast (but xml is a pain)

It’s pretty fast, especially if you cache your Maven files and Lucee downloads as per the readme


I attempted to run the “sample\index.cfm” script using Lucee Script Runner, and it took 9 seconds to complete. How can I improve the performance to speed this up?

that’s about the normal time it takes to fully deploy lucee from scratch, startup and run and cleanup after itself.

As per the screenshot, If you use light with out any extensions it’s faster as there’s less to deploy, disabling anti virus for the script runner folder, or not running on drive c will also be a bit faster

We could persist the deployed file system, but that’s not implemented so far

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