Lucee Remove ALL Files on Startup

Hey all, I have a super frustrating issue going on. I use a github repo to keep my developers and staging environment updated with our companies configs for our Lucee instances. From the source machine I make the changes and it has no issues.

When I go to my staging machine, I stop the service and then pull changes and everything is fine and all changes come down. Upon start of Lucee is removing 460 files and not replacing them. Then the service won’t run. Why would it do this?

Here is after I pull from the repo before starting

Here is right after starting

There is nothing in the logs

This machine is Windows / Lucee latest Release Version (which is why I was doing the update)

Yeah, Lucee currently purges bundles if it encounters a missing resource

I would recommend not checking in the actual Lucee install to git

Shouldn’t the install be the same without a missing resource?

Unless Github is doing some strange stuff.

I use Robocopy to copy Lucee to my production servers without issue, but the Git repo causes issues.

In theory I should be able to just keep the lucee-service.xml in the repo and upon start wouldn’t lucee do all of it’s downloads and updates?

try bumping the log level for the server deploy.log up to debug