Lucee Release Roadmap, 6.0, 5.3.9 and 5.3.10


Firstly, we have been working on the open regressions with 5.3.9 and hope to release a quick RC this Friday.


There are still a number of blockers which we still need to address, but we are getting very close.

We have been working on churning thru the backlog of patches and are making good progress. Once we have 5.3.9 sorted out, coz that’s what you’re using in production, we will then focus back on 6.0.

Of course any fixes for 5.3.9 also go directly into 6.0 as well, so technically we are still working on 6.0!

Lucee 6.0 includes

  • switch to json configuration
  • single context
  • smaller footprint on disk, less memory, faster startup
  • thread debugging
  • performance improvements
  • improved and new built in functions
  • over 158 tickets so far, with another 56 pending patches

Lucee 6.0 will also include a number of BREAKING CHANGES to make Lucee better OOTB, compatible with ACF and more secure by default.

Our plan is once we have reached a reasonably stable state (there’s only a few blockers), is initially to start publishing SNAPSHOTs, followed by the first 6.0 BETA.

You can track our progress on the Lucee 6.0 Sprint Board Not everything in the TODO column will be in the initial 6.0.


Currently a work in progress with no firm release date, some of the bug fixes which go into the 6.0 release maybe backported to 5.3.10. Probably to go RC sometime after the first Lucee 6.0 BETA.


Post the 6.0 release, I’m quite keen on a sprint focussed on the backlog of syntax bugs

We always appreciate if you can show your support with a contributions to help us make Lucee better!

Feel free to ask questions!

Zac Spitzer
Lucee Community Manager


I’m currently using a maven repo, some build scripts and jenkins to pre-compile our source code for deployment to a lucee testing instance. Can you tell me if Lucee 6 will be available as a maven repo ? or should I look at other ways to achieve this ?

Could you elaborate on what those v6 features mean ? It’s great to be faster and leaner of course, but in our workloads we don’t do that often (less than weekly in prod, desktop Docker startup time already <5s) and the slowest parts are our own onApplicationStart() and health checks rather than Lucee or Tomcat. Things like :

What does “single context” mean ? For people who have several sites on a single Tomcat (“name based virtual hosts”), with their own WEB-INFs and settings is this an issue ?

What does “thread debugging” mean ?

Is there a (automatic) migration path from current XML lucee-web…xml.cfm if it’s changing to some new format ?

Maybe we could organize some forum/news/web posts on each feature ?

of course! existing installs will be automatically upgraded to the new format

Basically, have you noticed that anything in threads / parallel functions don’t show up in the debug logs? Well, in Lucee 6.0 they can (only via the admin UI tho) [LDEV-3380] - Lucee

We’ll be doing a whole series of further posts about the new and changed functionality in 6.0


Any plans for better websocket support or a getter way to load extensions so they can be setup per application in the new .json config.

I try to have all my application config in code, in applicaton.cfc (except for secrets with i inject via the environment )

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Extensions have to be installed at the context level, as such they’ll never be per application.

No plans for the websocket at the moment

Second the websockets integration or making sure the existing extension is more compatible

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