Lucee reboot redirect on first request

Hi Lucee family,

The first web request on instance reboot always causes a redirect or URL param to be added to the first address resolution.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Lucee Version: Lucee

e.g. web request after reboot redirects to

This is causing some trouble. I can try to come up with a hotfix in htaccess to mitigate this but it’ll be messy I think.

Is there anyway to deal with this?

Lucee has no built-in functionality I’m aware of that redirects users anywhere. This means, it must be a web server rule or some CF code in your application doing the redirect. Therefore, I’m not clear what your question is since I assume the fix is for you to locate and modify the redirect that is causing you issues in your code or your server configuration.

Thanks! I’ve seen it referred to before but can’t remember where. Have searched thoroughly before posting.

From memory it relates to the Apache connector or mod_cfml.

It also seems to be referenced somewhat here:–