Lucee PDF Extension

Available now for testing!

LDEV-1519 cfpdf addwatermark error

LDEV-3240 cfdocument - margin doesn’t work properly with orientation

LDEV-1500 Cfdocument looses bookmarks if more than one section is used.

LDEV-3391 CFPDF action merge when source and destination are the same file.

LDEV-3781 cfdocument attribute saveAsName not implemented

LDEV-3928 Passing URL resource to CFPDF source attribute causes Null Pointer Exception

LDEV-3836 add Chinese support in cfdocument pdf output with the flying saucer engine

LDEV-3587 cfpdf action=addHeader, addFooter without destination or text attribute throws NPE

a big shoutout to @cfmitrah for all his work on this


Lots of PDF issues resolved!!! Thanks @cfmitrah :clap: :tada:

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Thank you for your support and cheers to this move.

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You have done more to support PDF’s than adobe has in a decade. Thank you!