Lucee Parser

Hello Folks,
Does Lucee has its own parser or if it uses the standard parser like antlr/javacc for synatx parsing.
Also any reference on which files represents the set of grammar rules and syntax parsing in Lucee codebase.

I tried looking at recent pull requests, but it seems like none of them is related to any parsing syntax related issues.
Any help in this would be great.


here you go

the last commit was adding support for a tag island which might be instructive :slight_smile:

Thanks Zac for the details, i looked at it a bit, the different thing is that the comments are written in German. i am trying to decode that in English.
I would like to check if there is a reference of any pull request or a commit for adding any language related syntax, that would give me a fair idea about the workflow of the project.

Appreciate your help.


did you look at the last commit on that file (link is at the top of the page)?

also, if you’re translating the comments, feel free to file a PR with the translated comments