Lucee on IIS

Hello, gentlemen.

I am currently developing Helicon Zoo version 4 - a sort of repository for web applications. The idea of the product is to have an installation manager, like apt-get or yum, and repository with web applications. The system that can both - install dependencies and run web applications in the environment it provides. Currently it works on Windows and can be used to install web applications into IIS or IIS Express.

And I am having a hard time now making CFML applications deployment with Lucee. Previous versions of Zoo used to use Railo, and since Lucee is its descendant I was hoping I could implement it the same way. I managed to make it work on IIS with Lucee Tomcat installation. The sequence is as follows: Zoo installs and configures Java, Tomcat, Lucee, then it creates IIS web site and puts there CFML application files. When IIS receives request it is transferred to Tomcat by Zoo module, then my Tomcat module initiates a new application in Tomcat and set’s all required locations, so Tomcat will load files from IIS web site location.

It works, however for security reasons many people (especially hostings) prefer to have separate Java process for each web site, to isolate one hosting account from another. So there is the second option with running Lucee with Jetty. In this configuration Zoo launches new Java process with Jetty in it for each IIS web site. That is much closer to how other web technologies work - Zoo will launch backend worker(s) for each IIS web site, configuring these workers for particular port, protocol, etc. and to load web application from a certain folder (IIS web site folder). And here I am having troubles configuring Jetty. All these web contexts, initialisations and watchers, they seem fine if you try to set up a global web server, however, they are redundant when you simply need a backend worker that runs a single application in a folder. But best I can get from Jetty yet is “HTTP ERROR 503: can not access /. Reason Service Unavailable”. I remember I’ve solved it somehow in previous versions of Zoo with Railo, but cannot actually recall it now.

What I really need is somebody who is willing to assist me with this as I believe both products Lucee and Zoo can benefit from it. Please, I’m just a single developer who really tired of making this project, knowing that Microsoft with Docker will soon disrupt its niche completely. But until that happened many users may benefit from the easy solution of deploying web applications ( and I can finally concentrate on my immigration from Ukraine ).
Current version of Zoo can be downloaded here: ( Sorry, no home page or documentation yet, still working on it ). To see what I’m talking about, please install it, go to Applications -> Templates and install ‘CFML sample project’. On the first page you will be able to choose between “Lucee on Tomcat” or “Lucee on Jetty”. The first one should work, unlike the second one.
The related Jetty configuration is located here:
I’m happy to provide more information if somebody is willing to help.

Thanks in advance!