Lucee on Google Cloud Platform

It would be very good to put a working image onto Google Cloud Platform. Its on AWS!

And it would help everybody to be able to view a proper working set up. Express is fine but when it comes to a production server, putting Debian Stretch (say) with Apache2 and Tomcat the available documentation is appalling - bits are everywhere… The installer, mod_cfml, SSL, Lockdown, Apache conf files - By the time you are finished it’s days of work just to run a lucee program.

Do we really need to have to learn the ins and outs of Tomcat AND Apache2 AND mod_cfml AND httpd24-devel (WTF?) etc etc before we can deploy a working system…?

I just want a server so I can put some files in and serve them from an SSL connected MySQL server - it’s a long uphill battle. Surely there must be people who can construct a robust Lucee 5.2 server, Apache2, Tomcat, both with SSL from LetsEncrypt and a config list of what to change to customise to your needs…

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I’d say the answer to this is to use a Docker image like the official Lucee ones or Ortus’ CommandBox based ones. They are ready for you to build your app image on top of and deploy with no fuss on Google Cloud Platform’s Container Engine. Containers are the lowest common denominator across pretty much every cloud offering these days. The problem with anything else is that there are 1000 different ways to set up a server between your choice of servlet containers, web servers, and accessories.

That said, if you want to create a public image for Google Compute Image that uses Lucee and your favorite flavor of configuration and put it out there, that would be great. There are a great deal of cloud hosts though and usage of GCP has been low enough that hasn’t made sense for LAS to spend any $$ on building specific images for it, but we always welcome the community to help fill those gaps.


Yes - good point… Its easy to get so lost in setting things up that you
forget about other methods!