Lucee on existing LAMP server

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OS: Debian 11
Java Version: 11
Tomcat Version: included
Lucee Version:

installed on an already running multi-site enabled Apache2 LAMP server. the /var/www/html folder will load a index.cfm file but when i try to browse to http://ipaddress/lucee/admin/server.cfm
i get this.

this is the http://ipaddress/index.cfm

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i know nothing about Lucee, Tomcat, or ColdFusion, i have a backed up website that i am trying to get running and i have this server available. i can post logs if you tell me what log is relevant.

thanks for your time.

this server is entirely headless. i need to be able to access this VIA IP or domain name. i will not be able to ever use http://localhost/lucee/admin/web.cfm on this server.

is that my problem?
how do i enable this?

of note: the server ‘works’ and my cfm pages are actually viewable in a browser. i need the admin portal to connect to a SQL instance for this page though.

also: identical results with or with out :8888 in the address.

This was mostly happening/reported with Lucee with Linux and should have been corrected with see Lucee Critical Security Alert, August 15th, 2023 - CVE-2023-38693 - #34 by Zackster. Not sure if this is now s regression. Does it affect only the Overview page in the Lucee sdnin?

clicking ANYTHING returns me to the login page.
logging in takes me to the ERROR page shown.

same issue using web.cfm or server.cfm

Can you try removing all session cookies?

Try also this:

things i have tried this morning
installing a wm and browser on the server = same results using :8888 or not
on the local server tried. new browser cleaned everything each time. this server had no WM till just now. = same result = same result
http://localhost:8888/lucee/admin/server.cfm = same result
http://localhost/lucee/admin/server.cfm = same result

seems to me like lucee is not able to get the stuff for the pages. i have done the install with ROOT as the tomcat user and with www-data as the tomcat user (both should have full access to my /var/www)

same results both ways


can i just install an older version or the 6.0 RC?

figures the one day i would try using lucee there would be a show stopper bug?

@Zedicus I’ve misread your version. Have you read the entire thread?

Please try one of the fixed versions .

i just double checked and i am on now. and i was when i loaded the server with the local browser and tried it. all with the same issue.

i cleaned out all the WEB-INF folders and everything during the last install also.

As I linked above is a Snapshot that fixes the admin issue of Please try that one.

yes i will, i was just showing that i think i went from one bad version to another bad version. Thank you for your help, i will try the recommended one and report back later today.

thanks again

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i clean installed with the installer and everything is working. i was able to get to the admin portal and connect my database. all is well.


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