Lucee no rest service for found in mapping

Hello everybody,
I want to work with api on Lucee. I created my default api address from the Lucee admin panel. I have uploaded the relevant file to the file path. I wrote the function file as cfc. But when I want to reach from postman or web, I can’t. Which step I did not do. I’m waiting for your help. thanks


Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

OS: Windows Server 2019
Java Version:
Tomcat Version: 9.0
Lucee Version: Lucee

@taskinsafa As your admin config and CFC code looks good. I guess the issue may be the rest service doesn’t pick up your rest CFC code changes. So once you made changes in the rest cfc you must have to restart the rest service by using any one of the below methods. Please check this and let us know here if the rest worked or not.

Have you seen and followed this example from the docs?

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Related ticket in Jira: [LDEV-3794] - Lucee


Hi @taskinsafa ,
Are you sure about the validity of your REST code? I expected to see something like:

<cfcomponent rest-"true" restpath="/cevrim_cihaz">
	<cffunction name="insert_cevrim_cihaz" access="remote" returntype="string" restpath="{uretim_id}/{tarih}/{calisma}" httpmethod="post" produces="text/json">
		<cfargument name="uretim_id" restargsource="path">
		<cfargument name="tarih" restargsource="path">
		<cfargument name="calisma" restargsource="path">

The corresponding HTTP call would then be something like: