Lucee Migration

I’ve run many flavors of ColdFusion over the years, and recently installed Lucee for the first time. A very smooth install, no real issues that I couldn’t navigate. I’ve been migrating a few websites that were run under BlueDragon (remember that?) for many years. Some are using old versions of CKEditor (4.13) and CKFinder (2.6.3), in secure areas of the sites. They work fine except that I can no longer view the image thumbnails in CKFinder file manager. No big deal, and got me thinking that maybe it’s time to upgrade these sites to a more recent rich text editor. I installed tinymce, which looks fine… aside from the lack of file management. So I’m wondering what other devs out there are using for wysiwyg editors these days? And is there a cf file manager plugin or addon available somewhere?

Many thanks, Dino

I love Ace:

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Ace looks nice, Andreas, but it seems to be a code editor (for devs) rather than a wysiwyg editor (for non-devs)?

We’re still using TinyMCE which is fine, but I’m sure there must be even better options out there nowadays.

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As a follow up… I managed to get the thumbnail images to display by turning on the DirectAccess option in the CKFinder config.cfm file. The server is still writing the thumnail image files with 640 permissions, however I can force that to 644 with setfacl access control.

I have been testing tinymce, and like what I see so far, very easy to install. However, I cannot locate a reasonable coldfusion file manager plugin/addon. There was one written for tinymce 4, and ported to 5, but breaks on v6. The search continues…

This maybe more of what you are looking for:

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