Lucee memcached extension and binary serialisation

I just noticed that the Lucee memcached extension has moved from Bitbucket
to GitHub, and some things have been updated, including support for the
memcache binary protocol.

Recently, I tried to get Lucee talking to Apache Ignite, which speaks the
memcache binary protocol. At that time, the Lucee extension did not
support the binary protocol at all.

Reading the extension source code, I realised that Lucee extension uses the
Whalin memcache client. That client supports the binary protocol in recent

However, when I activated the binary protocol and recompiled the Lucee
extension, I found that the binary serialisation in the Whalin driver is
not compatible with that of Apache Ignite. I also noted that the Java
examples in the Apache Ignite documentation make use of the spymemcached
client (which actually comes from Couchbase).

In the end, I created a new Lucee extension based on the MongoDB extension
source and using the spymemcached client. This has allowed us to store and
retrieve both sessions and other data in Apache Ignite.

The spymemcached client even includes a couple of transcoders for
compatibility with different versions of the Whalin client. This supports
the idea that there may be something non-standard about the binary
serialisation in that client.

So, has anything been found during testing of the new Lucee extension?
Does anyone else have experience of issues with binary serialisation and