Lucee Log Viewer v3.0.0.32

I have finally got around to publishing v3.0.0.32 as an extension via Forgebox


  • Aggregates all logs into a single combined view
  • Search by date or string
  • Auto refreshing / polling
  • Filter by severity or source log file
  • Stack traces are collapsed

It’s now available for Lucee 5.3.4 and later, via Applications in the Lucee Administrator

PRs welcome

It’s all cfml and js, you can hack on it directly

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I’ve switched the ID from being a unfriendly GUID to lucee-log-viewer, unfortunately, anyone who has installed the version using the GUID will need to uninstall the extension and reinstall it.

GUID for extensions are horrible, they should be user friendly

The slug property in your box.json to be the unique name of your extension from your manifest file. Lucee’s docs recommends this to be a UUID, but from what I can tell, Lucee doesn’t actually care what the string is so far as it is unique. But regardless, it needs to match what’s in your manifest or updates won’t work.

Just had to revert the change in due to Lucee only allowing GUIDs for IDs

You can see this with other forgebox extensions, like Ortus PDF, they also use a nice developer friendly id, but once you install it, Lucee can’t track them as installed, as the .lex has to use a GUID and Lucee can’t match, so you see an install prompt, and will never get updates

@bdw429s how about supporting lucee-extension-id from box.json in the meantime, so we can still use a nice slug name on Forgebox for extension urls until Lucee becomes friendly

The ForgeBox slug needs to be the same ID that Lucee uses (from the manifest). I absolutely hate the fact that Lucee forces GUIDs here and I’ve tried to talk Micha out of it many times.

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