Lucee Java Struct get( string ) operations are deprecated, what is the alternative?

We are building some java extensions for lucee but have been seeing as of late that using a get( string ) from the Struct class is now deprecated. See image below:

However, I don’t see any examples on the docs? We are using 5.3.8 as our base for compilation.

use KeyImpl.init(key)

Thanks @Zackster

I had to use caster.toKey( "email" ) to get around it and be compliant. However, building extensions or hacking the core for Lucee is basically at you are on your own kinda deal. It is really frustrating to not find any docs either outside of the code or in comments within the code. Almost zero java docs to assist on usage or implementations.

If we ever want this open source project to have more adoption and collaboration, work has to be put in to make the entry barrier to get into the java source code lower. There has to be a conscious effort of documenting the code as much as possible both internally and externally by the committers.

This is my constructive criticism @Zackster . I want this project to succeed.