Lucee.jar behind proxy - cant download OSGI dependencies

We are developing a Lucee application for a client and are delivering the total package as a WAR file.

Their servers are behind a strict proxy that doesn’t allow many outgoing connections. What would be the best way to package everything lucee.jar extracts and downloads when the application is first started in Tomcat?
We need to deliver everything in one WAR without any external dependencies, like it was possible with the WAR of Lucee 4.x.

Thanks in advance!

in contrast to Lucee 4, Lucee 5 know what it needs to run and if does not exist it automatically downloads the missing jar and loads at runtime.
With Lucee 4 we did only update jars between major releases because of that limitation.

So how to avoid Lucee does not have everything it needs?
The Lucee core (an OSGi Bundle) only defines what it needs like every OSGi bundle does, but it does not have this dependecies bundled. The lucee.jar on the other side contains all bundles defined in the core it comes with.

So in short if you only add a lucee.jar and not a different .lco file in addition (that has other needs) Lucee should not download anything. get the jar you need from here

If does still does not work, please define the version you use and what lucee is downloading.


Thanks for the info Michael!

We were using an older lucee.jar from the WAR (5.0 or maybe 5.1). That one was downloading S3, Lucene and some other dependencies.

With the current lucee.jar everything needed seems to be included, except for the following (from Tomcat startup):
found lowagie.itext-

We included the lowagie-itext-2-1-7-0004L.jar file under /WEB-INF/lucee-server/bundles and created a new WAR, which now seems to deploy correctly without needing to downloa anything!

Thanks again!

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itext is used by the pdf extension, but it should use only use org.lucee.itext;bundle-version=2.1.7 what is part of that exension. i will check what is going on.

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