Lucee installers missing -


Does anyone know when / how the Lucee installers become available for the latest release on the Downloads page?

We’ve been holding out to use from 7 days ago (Oct 19th) however unfortunately the installers section is currently showing:

Coming Soon! - Installers will be available on soon [sic]

Many thanks!

I’m sure they’ll add it asap. In case it’s not available, an alternative is always to install Lucee with the latest available installer and update Lucee within the server admin in the “services/updates”. As long as no serious updates have been made to Tomcat or connectors, that would be my own working solution. That would be the simpliest.

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or just download the core file from

i.e. and drop it in lucee\tomcat\lucee-server\deploy and it will auto update!

Thanks both!

As long as no serious updates have been made to Tomcat or connectors

Will updates to Tomcat/Connector versions be listed in the CHANGELOG?
If so, can’t see any mention of either changing between +

This is a new device rather than one we’re patching.

Tomcat/Boncode connector changes are made in the installer that Jordan produces. Take a look at his changelog.

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