Lucee Image Extension released

The latest image extension addresses some problems with newer versions of java

I tested the following issue and it now works for me

All factories fail for the operation “filestore” writing ARGB images out as JPEGs

Here is the current known issue list"Awaiting%20Approval"%2C%20Backlog%2C%20"Being%20Investigated%2FTriaged"%2C%20"Further%20consultation%20required"%2C%20"In%20Development"%2C%20"In%20Progress"%2C%20"Need%20more%20details"%2C%20New)%20AND%20labels%20%3D%20Image

Available via the administrator

Looks good. The test case of is also not cfcatch-ing any errors on my Ubuntu test environment with latest snapshots. Jpgs being reendered ok. See a snippet of my screenshot with OS/JavaVersion/Snapshot as reference.

First, fixes some of the “filestore” issues I’ve been seeing as well, but it causes other issues. If I run the following code, the imageGetBlob() function complains that the it cannot accept a “struct” for the source.

<cfset results = {} />

<cfimage name="results.image" action="read" source="" />

		Is Image = #isImage(results.image)#

<cfdump var="#results.image#" />

<cfset blobImg = imageGetBlob(results.image) />

<cfdump var="#blobImg#" />

If I downgrade back to, everything works fine.

Does it work after upgrading the extension and then restarting Lucee?



Good call. I re-installed and restarted Tomcat and the problem went away. I could have sworn I restarted Tomcat the first time, but it does seem to resolve the issue.


btw, that’s a good test case, can you post it to the task

(or just file a PR yourself, something alone the lines of