Lucee Docs is now even more responsive for mobile

I did some work over the Easter break to improve the mobile experience with lucee docs

Examples with use smaller button labels


All embedded images are limited to 98vw, previously they broke the mobile page layout


Example function/tag signatures

  • they now wrap
  • optional arguments/attributes are no longer displayed with deeply nested optional brackets, they are now italic, with an optional tooltip and include the argument/attribute types


Plus I added in information about the rather handy, but undocumented Application.cfc this.tag defaults



Zac, thank you very much for all your work. You’ve published great things the last weeks. Still didn’t had the time to look into it, but going to do it very soon. You’ve been and are a great contributor to all of us. Thanks for that!!!

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Good works Zac!
Many thanks :slight_smile: