Lucee dev and the beta VS Code Adobe CF plugin

I am planning to kick the tires on the new beta VS Code plugin with Lucee (adding servers and debugging in particular), see if anything other than ACF is supported. Anyone already gotten some value from this? If not I will report back on what I find, if anyone’s interested.


Meh - just to circle back - I had zero luck getting debugging working hooked up to a Lucee server. I will try again when I have more time.

FWIW - I spun up a lucee instance with commandbox and configured my server in the extension as Application server type “Other” (not CF+tomcat bundle).
Debug output was:

812 :: _setDebugPort
Debugger stopped

with an extension error of - “Error on getting debug port”

For grins - I also tried the server as Application = CF+tomcat, but the extension would not accept my ‘server home’ setting that was pointed down into my commandbox server home in
…I assume it is looking for essential ACF files that obviously don’t exist in that location.

I wasn’t expecting the “server/RDS” portions of the extension to work with Lucee - considering it is an Adobe piece.

But at the moment - the code-insight / document formatting / auto-fill of arguments - is still flakey.
Looking forward to seeing / testing the next release.