Lucee container returning 404 when trying to use path_info not at the root


I’m trying to get the path_info from an Application that isn’t being served at the Lucee root. I’m able to get path_info data at the root for example:

However, when I go to a subdirectory I’m getting a 404.

When trying to just access index.cfm in the subdirectory this isn’t any issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Base image pulled down from Docker Hub: lucee/lucee:5.4

Hi could you please give an full example of the URL that is breaking? This may be handled with an URL-Rewrite rule.

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Of course. It’s any route with index.cfm that isn’t at the root. For example:


I think I’m pretty close to solving though. I was able to get a response by adding this last line in /usr/local/tomcat/conf/web.xml hardcoding the path into:


I tried a few other wildcard pattern for a solution that would be more generic but I kept getting errors when starting the container.

As far as I know multiple wildcard patterns won’t work within web.xml url-pattern directive.

What I’d try to do in such scenarios is get the full URI with the front server with url-Rewrite and pass it to a central index.cfm file. All the swiching logic happens then in cfml within your Application.cfc.

Thanks! So, would that url-Rewrite be done with Tomcat if I’m just using the base Lucee:5.4 container?