Lucee Channel Consolidation

Since inception LAS has been collecting communication channels across members, supporters, committers and the Lucee community in general. Over the last couple of months we’ve been working hard to consolidate these and give ourselves a better chance of communicating more effectively.

How do you get in touch?

You can email hello@lucee.orghello is distributed to LAS volunteers charged with escalating your concerns to the most relevant representative.

Lucee News

LAS maintains a special channel for all official news including blog posts, release notes and updates:

We are moving to dynamically distribute this news to appropriate venues like the main web site, replacing Disqus comments in the process.

Lucee Newsletter

LAS is starting up a monthly newsletter containing a summary of highlights from our monthly release cycle and general happenings in the Lucee community.

You can sign up here (bottom right):

If you would like to contribute something to the newsletter (that would be great!) please put your thoughts into the latest #ilovelucee topic here:


LAS has created a new forum called Lucee Dev.

Lucee Dev will be an amalgamation of both the former Language/Server forum and the Lucee Google Groups and supporters mailing lists.

We’re spread very thin trying to communicate with developers across the spectrum of CFML resources. Moving forward LAS will focus our efforts on the Lucee Dev forum first, and other venues second.

You may often find us summarising more durable conversations from Slack and other venues back into the Lucee Dev forum.

We understand that this decision is going to be a little controversial; folks are going to love or hate the move away from Google Groups.

The migration is progressing well, and we’re confident at this stage we’ll be able to capture the complete history of both forum and mailing lists. Awesome!

For those with concerns about the retiring of Google Groups, we’ll publish a separate “cheat sheet” on what’s likely to change and what’s likely to just be “business as usual” leveraging the mailing list features of the new forum. Stay calm, it’s going to be great :slight_smile:


Success! Migration complete.

Mailing list features explained!