Lucee bug: long/bigint. Was: Bigint orm bug

We have an orm model which has a big int column, like

	property name="offerId"	column="offNo"	ormtype="long"			sqltype="bigint"					default=0;

The number in the database is: 136343001448919149
If I do an entityload the number becomes: 136343001448919152

Looks for me like a bug?!

We are running the latest Lucee on Win and Linux with current stable orm:

I tried the beta release of the Hibernate ORM extension 5.4.29, the results are the same.

This is not a bug in ORM. There is an issue with handling large digit numbers in lucee (the related issue in Jira [LDEV-3662] Large decimal number strings lose precision when converted to a number format - Lucee).

@cfmitrah Does it apply to large int as well? Long/Bingint are Integer.

Any ideas why this happens? This is the exact change of value I see with the Orm object

writeoutput('int works fine'); 
writeoutput('long doesn''t<br>');
writeoutput('number should be: 136343001448919149');

So it looks that Lucee can’t handle long values correctly!

I filed a bug [LDEV-3729] Long Bigint values are not handled correctly - Lucee

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