Lucee at CFCamp

Next month Lucee will be at the CFCamp Conference. The conference takes place on the 19th and 20th October at Munich Airport with a pre-conference workshop on the 17th and 18th October. Many members of the Lucee team will be attending the conference, with some giving talks and both pre-conference workshops are being given by Lucee Association member companies, Ortus Solutions and Pixl8.

The conference is looking like it will be the biggest CFCamp ever and is almost completely sold out, but there are, at the time of writing this, still a few tickets available, so head on over to the CFCamp website to book your ticket today:

Lucee will also have a booth at the conference, so if you have any questions, need a bit of help or want to have a chat about how you can get involved with Lucee and help build a better CFML then please stop by for a chat.

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So many LAS Members and Friends will be presenting, including…

Caching strategies in Lucee - with or without help
Gert Franz (@Gert)

GraphQL - A query language for your API
Mark Drew (@markdrew)

A Tale of Legacy To Modernization
Luis Majano (@lmajano)

Dom Watson (@dom_watson)

ColdBox 5: Hierarchical MVC -Transform Your Monolith
Luis Majano (@lmajano)

Debugging Templates in CFML - write your own cool one
Gert Franz (@gert)

PS. Maybe even a guest appearance by @micstriit