Lucee "asleep" after boot?

I’ve come across a situation in my setup where it appears that after a reboot, Lucee isn’t actually running until a first request is made to the server. As in, the first request after a reboot is basically lost/ignored.

I’ve noticed this with scheduled tasks, none are executed until an HTTP request is made to the lucee server. And I’ve also noticed that the first HTTP request from an external source seems to be ignored. This is quite consequential to what I’m trying to do with Lucee! Is this normal behaviour? If so, is there something I can do in settings to disable this?

Windows 10
Java 16.0.2

As far as I know, Java 16 isn’t supported at the moment. Does the same happen with a supported Java version?

all the web contexts are lazy loaded (i.e. on demand) by default, are u using tomcat?

I may have seen this also. I sometimes get a white page on my first request to one of my sites. I am using Apache & Tomcat on Java 11.