Lucee Array Extension

I have created an extension to add a few additional array functions to Lucee. I have implemented ArrayPop, ArrayShift and ArraySplice. The ArrayPop and ArrayShift functions are easy enough to implement just using simple CFML but instead of calling two functions to accomplish it I decided to make it part of the extension so you only have to call one function now. There is a release available on my Github page below. The functions seem pretty stable in my testing but I released it as beta until more people have used it.

If anyone thinks of other Array functions that could be useful please let me know and I can add them to this extension.

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I have always found _.indexBy / _.keyBy very useful in javascript

Those two functions are essentially the same right?

Yep, keyBy is the more common usage as lodash is super popular and it also feels more cfml-y

I wanted to inform of the existence of the component Underscore.cfc

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There’s also CFCollection