Lucee and its automatically generated class files compared to ACF settings

If I disable “Save class files” in the ACF Administrator, ACF stores all compiled class files in memory (and not on disk).

How can I achieve this with Lucee to reduce the disk I/O load?

OS: Debian 9.13 - Linux
Java Version: openJDK-11.0.11
Tomcat Version: 9.0.48
Lucee Version: Lucee

Is this actually a confirmed problem with disk i/o or just an assumed problem?

Lucee maintains a pool containing a subset of class files in memory and loads from the disk cache as required

Sorry, maybe I expressed myself inappropriately.
It has nothing to do with any problem at all.

I just wanted to know whether the generation and storage of class files on the hard drive can be deactivated somewhere in the Lucee settings, so that they are only written to and read from the RAM - exactly as it is possible in ACF when I disable “Save class files” in the ACF administrator.

What kind of files belong to this pool?
Do application templates also belong to this pool?

No, you can’t disable it. Lucee also is more efficient than Adobe CF in how it organizes the files on disk.

all cfc’s and cfm files are compiled to bytecode and are cached in these pools (each application scope has it’s own pool)

Thank you for this helpful information.