Lucee admin users plugin

I’m currently building our cloud platform with autoscaling and one of the
things that came to mind was how to manage admin passwords for the

As most stuff in Lucee 5 will be a optional plugin, I was wondering if
there might be a way to add some sort of administrator user plugin. I’m not
sure how you would load a plugin and how to add default data to such a
plugin. Any details on this would help me plan something more specific.

In my case, I would build a Google Apps integration. I have to check the
Google Apps API for the specifics, but when installing the plugin in Lucee,
I would provide the API keys and the users allowed to login (and maybe add
an extra role for user management). This way, the user management is
centralised (in my case to Google Apps).

But this could also be LDAP, general OAuth2, database or whatever central
management one uses. This is definitely not a core thing, so I’m more than
happy to build this myself if there is some more information available on
the plugins/modules in Lucee 5.

Any thoughts?–
Michael van Leest