Lucee Admin Not Avail After Update to

I updated Lucee from to by simply pressing “update” (yes, it was set to manual), and now the Lucee admin console no longer loads. Immediately after it upgraded, it said Application.cfc not found.

Any ideas?

UPDATE I can now get to the “Welcome to your Lucee 5 Install” page ( @, however if I go to the admin page ( I get “page can’t be found / HTTP ERROR 404”. Note if I edit the welcome page it no longer loads and I get an HTTP ERROR 500.

Hi @mdeak,

I’m not getting any error after upgrading. If it happens please remove the LCO file from patches folder (lucee-server/patches) & restart again it back with your latest patch & then you can able to see admin.

After that please update the version & check that with type manual.

Worked like a champ. Thank you, very much.