Lucee Admin Missing CSS / JS on Sub Domains


I have issues where the CSS for the Lucee admin context for a customer loses the CSS/JS. This is on one of our shared hosting servers. Traditionally, I restart Lucee and it comes back. Sometimes, I will deleted the Web INF file and then restart Lucee and that does the trick. However, this time it is simply not getting fixed. The Web INF folder is recreated but the code Seems to be looking for files that do not match what gets generated. I

In the console log it is clear that the cache busting extensions to the CSS and Javascript files are not being generated or not being generated with the correct ID.

The only notable difference seems to be that these are subdomains in an account with a primary domain. The primary domain CSS is working fine. Each subdomain is a distinct domain in IIS.

OS: Windows Server 2022 (though Lucee says it’s 2019)
Control Panel: Plesk Latest for Windows
Java Version: 11.0.4 (AdoptOpenJDK) 64bit
Tomcat Version: Apache Tomcat/9.0.24
Lucee Version:

I would otherwise upgrade to 6.0 but we have run into some permissions issue with the temporary folder for a VPS customer on a platform very similar to the shared hosting server. Additionally, I think that there are some code differences that make it more complicated to upgrade for a number of clients on the shared hosting server.

In any case, this loss of CSS has persisted over many years but only now I am having trouble getting it repaired.

Any help would be appreciated.