Lucee admin Charset not saved

Linux debian 10

In Lucee admin server or web,
I want to modify the charset (left menu option) and change utf-8 to ISO-8859-1
This does work in “template charset”, but does NOT work in :
“Web Charset” , it does come back with utf-8
So, characters as èàé are replaced by ? in Forms and Urls

Thanks to help to get a solution, (may be in the code)

The issue in cfadmin action=getCharset causes to show the wrong value in the admin
Already have a ticket in Jira and got fixed in lucee 6.0 [LDEV-3224] - Lucee

OK, will be fixed in Lucee 6 ?
Using the code, it does work.
cfset setEncoding(“URL”, “iso-8859-1”)
cfset setEncoding(“FORM”, “iso-8859-1”)

Yes, this ticket is already fixed in lucee But the changes done for the ticket were reverted back. So I reopened the ticket. It will be going fixed in lucee 6.0.

I’m happy to backport this fix to 5.3

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