Lucee 6 new feature requests

I looked over the list of the new features for 6.0 and don’t remember seeing these. Unfortunately, I can’t find the link now, so I can’t get back to confirm.

You are right in that there are external solutions to do this, but ACF has both serializeXML() and deserializeXML(). Compatibility :wink: I could really use them on a project I’m jumping into in the next few months. Namespaces aren’t a big deal to me. No validation is necessary, just fast conversion.

It would be nice to have a structMerge() function that returned the merged struct rather than a boolean (structAppend).

The spread operator would be even better, for both structs and arrays, though probably a more significant lift.

Drop a comment :slight_smile: [LDEV-689] - Lucee

Unless you’re doing something inbetween serialize may help Serialize() :: Lucee Documentation

The ticket for this in Jira: LDEV-2181 add SerializeXML and DeserializeXML functions

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BTW, this is what I had in mind for the structMerge()

  function structMerge( s1, s2 ) {
    structAppend( arguments.s1, arguments.s2, true );
    return arguments.s1;

But spread operator would be best.

@Daemach Struct.append() member function that returns result struct. I guess, this is what are you looking for?