Lucee 6, nested exceptions

Lucee has 6 has a great new feature, being able to add a cause to an exception [LDEV-438] - Lucee

What does this mean? You can catch an error and then throw another error and add the original exception into the new error

i.e. something like a database error blows up, you can then throw a nice error saying duplicate user and then include the original exception

an example and how to do this in older lucee versions

PS: just on the caused by section in java stacktraces, they are often the most important section, so if you are reporting a Lucee bug, please always include the top of the stack trace, plus any caused by sections at the bottom.

The long undertow / tomcat sections in the middle of long stacktraces can be omitted, as they are always the same


That’s super exciting!! I think a lot of us have wanted something like this for a long time. I’m tired of serializing errors and shoving them into extendedInfo :muscle: