Lucee 6 getMetaData incompatibility

myStruct = { foo:"bar" }

In Lucee 5 (and ACF 2023) getMetaData() always returns a class. In Lucee 6 if the argument is an array or struct getMetaData() returns a struct. For all other data types it appears to still return the class.

OS: Mac OS
Java Version: OpenJDK Runtime Environment (
Lucee Version:

In Lucee 5.4, when the argument passed to getmetadata() is an array or struct, it returns the class. However, in Lucee 6.0, it returns a struct.

This change occurred in Lucee and later, as indicated in the commit link: LDEV-2495 - extend function getMetaData and make second argument of L… · lucee/Lucee@4910d4a · GitHub.
This getmetadata() function is related to the issue discussed in the following ticket: LDEV-2495

OK, thanks. Is it not an ACF compatibility issue now though (which is ironic considering the ticket referenced is about achieving ACF compatibility)?

With this code:

<cfdump var="#getMetaData({foo:"bar"})#">

Lucee 6 result:

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 9.21.53 AM

ACF 2023: