Lucee 6.0 - Docker - Mongo - Component has no function with name [size]

I’ve been working with this docker container
FROM lucee/lucee:
including this Mongo driver in the cfconfig.json

			"id": "E6634E1A-4CC5-4839-A83C67549ECA8D5B",
			"name": "MongoDB Datasource and Cache",
			"version": ""

loading the mongo connection to server scope on app startup
<cfset server[“mongo”] = MongoDBConnect(“dbname”, “mongodb://dbserver:dbpass@servename/dbname”)>

db finds seem to work fine, but any save or insert throws an exception with different components


Component [] has no function with name [size]

We have had save() working with the same method for quite awhile with Lucee 5.
Any ideas? thanks