Lucee 6.0: Coming Soon at CFCamp!

CF Camp 2023

We’re happy to share the exciting news with you: Lucee 6.0 is on its way!

While we’ve already released the beta version, we’re even more excited to announce that the official release of Lucee 6.0 will take place during CF Camp on June 22-23 in Munich, Germany. We can’t wait to tell you all about this highly anticipated version. Join us at CFCamp this year, where we’ll be showcasing these new features and improvements of the latest version, including:

  • Cloud readiness
  • Performance / Scalability
  • ACF Compatibility
  • Developer Experience (DX)
  • Security, Compliance and Supportability (reducing footprint)
  • Java support
  • Hibernate 5.4

How to get tickets to CFCamp
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I’m already in the heat of Munich at 32° C, waiting for my first time ever at this cfml meetup. The countdown already started! I’m sure… it’s going to be awesome! cfcamp, here we come!

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The CFCamp keynote was so exciting!! I need to carve out some time to start trying out these new improvements. I’m especially excited for the Java improvements!


Micha has been slogging away to get them working on a JRE too

Has the keynote been posted somewhere? I know that usually session recordings cost money to access, but keynotes are usually made avaialble to the general public.