Lucee - What happened to the announcement?

In the past there were announcement about new versions. Did something happen to that feature?

I don’t know the answer to your question.
But I see that on the download site there is a changelog with some information in it, corresponding to the latest version.


I know that the Lucee Team is very aware that they are lacking about communication to the community at the moment. That has been better in the past. But I’m pretty sure they will address it as soon as they can. I’m looking forward to hear about them and the Lucee Project in the next in June.


I guess @apenhorwood is talking about Lucee :: Blog not being updated for a long time.

@Zackster used to announce new versions there.

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Maybe the blog is seen as redundant now since they are all just links to the dev forum here.

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I was not referring to the blog but to an announcement here in the forum. There use to be a basically a repeat of the change log posted in the forum.

Whatever the source it would be nice if there was something we could subscribe to as to be kept update on releases.


The blog is driven from the “news” category in the forum as as far as I know it’s worked that way for a long while.

It’s possible to “subscribe” to release announcements by browsing to the release category and selecting at least the “Watching First Post” notification level:

In this case there was unfortunately no announcement posted for so this doesn’t actually answer your question :slight_smile: But yes, it should have been announced there.


Thanks for your explanation! So, when there were announcements in the blog like these below, it is because they were tagged “release” and “news”:


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