In Lucee I got this error from my DAO component “can’t cast [] to date value” and its come from this line

<cfqueryparam value="#arguments.bean.getDateApprove()#" sqltype="date" />.

This is what i set in my component bean ,

<cfargument name="DateApprove" type="string" required="true" default="">.

This same code actually work just fine in lucee but not on Lucee

Hi @zuwari can you try editing your topic post in a way that the code content is shown? If you are adding code with multi lines, you need to add it the code fence as triple backticks, instead of single backticks

Oops, sorry. I didn’t notice that. I just edited it again. Thanks.

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that’s a breaking change in 6, you are asking to set the column to null, so you need to explicitly set null=“true” [LDEV-4410] - Lucee

all breaking changes, planned and implemented in 6 are listed in this epic [LDEV-4534] - Lucee

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All right i can just use this then

<cfqueryparam value="#arguments.bean.getDateApprove()#" sqltype="date" null=“#Not Len(Trim(arguments.bean.getDateApprove()))#”/>

Can we have some settting to turn this on of off ?