Lucee 2 Release notes (continued)

Lucee 6 Changelog (part 2)


LDEV-2459 - show lucee loader version on overview page
LDEV-2633 - Admin UI issue
LDEV-2695 - admin assumes the local documentation extension is installed
LDEV-2716 - Issue with Extension - Applications in Admin
LDEV-2726 - Error - When view the ‘Debugging - Settings’ in WEB Admin
LDEV-2752 - key [STRBASECOMPONENTTEMPLATE] doesn’t exist in admin action=server.general
LDEV-2797 - extensions, clicking install with selecting a version, shows please wait
LDEV-3088 - Admin registered mail server incorrectly overrides application defined mail server
LDEV-3121 - improve extensions page
LDEV-3145 - Admin debugging logs throws an error- switching the templates
LDEV-3280 - debugging logs missing - lucee6 admin singlemode
LDEV-3347 - event gateways missing in lucee 6 single context mode
LDEV-3350 - Admin extension update notification not shown
LDEV-4486 - Lucee 6 Admin - Export page cache connections custom data didn’t showing properly
LDEV-4489 - Lucee 6 Admin Settings - Export page copy to clipboard option not working
LDEV-4490 - Encrypted password didn’t showing properly - Admin - Export page
LDEV-4496 - Lucee 6 Admin - Mapping physical path didn’t showing properly on export page & mapping page
LDEV-3224 - Admin area : Edit Web charset in Settings - Charset and default value
LDEV-3231 - Admin mailserver update doesn’t work properly
LDEV-3226 - html error from extension provider loaded directly into admin
LDEV-3193 - Admin panel, “Implicit variable Access” alerting.
LDEV-3360 - Lucee6 admin css issue in multimode
LDEV-3267 - CSS issue between graphs on Admin-homepage
LDEV-3272 - Lucee admin - Edit datasource throws an error
LDEV-3821 - Server Admin Settings - Logging page didn’t show edit option
LDEV-3764 - Lucee 6.0 admin Plugins - Note page error
LDEV-3753 - Error - When view the pages Language/Compiler, Scope, Component in WEB Admin
LDEV-3755 - lucee 6 admin - Deleting Extension Providers doesn’t work
LDEV-3748 - Admin - restart dosen’t works in lucee 6
LDEV-3695 - admin application - Uninstall the extension ESAPI/Compress Tags doesn’t available in not installed
LDEV-3607 - Lucee Admin Overview “Web context”: Replace text input fields w/o edit functionality with text (Webroot & Configuration file)
LDEV-3519 - Admin - Debugging template checkbox only works for first template
LDEV-3439 - if admin password is “”, you can’t import a password.txt file
LDEV-3433 - Admin application page, shows error message multi times
LDEV-3936 - add a clear cache button to the edit cache page in the admin
LDEV-3803 - There are no options to set a datasource liveTimeout setting (which is Connection timeout in admin datasource UI) using AdminAPI
LDEV-4058 - Admin - debugging & mapping edit page throws key doesn’t exist error (lucee 6.0)
LDEV-4059 - Admin - cache page deleting the cache doesn’t work (lucee 6)
LDEV-4399 - Lucee 6 admin - Language/Compiler page throws error
LDEV-4412 - Lucee Admin - Logging delete option didn’t work
LDEV-4415 - key [SINGLEMODE] doesn’t exist in the request scope when updating from 5.x to 6.x
LDEV-4422 - Admin -> Services Cache -> Edit Memcached cache throws error
LDEV-4431 - Admin -> Archives & Resources - CFX tags issue
LDEV-4432 - admin & docs mapping lex typo with listenermode and listenertype
LDEV-4433 - Admin > Edit datasource name doesn’t work in lucee 6
LDEV-4440 - expose mapping listenerType and ListenerMode in admin
LDEV-4447 - Lucee 6 - Bundle(jar) page always show a tooltip for edit
LDEV-4390 - Admin: editing a cache throws exception instead of showing error
LDEV-4381 - admin: "column name [otherVersions] already exist;lucee.runtime.exp.DatabaseException: column name [otherVersions] already exist
LDEV-4411 - Lucee 6 Web admin - login with correct password admin overview page throws error
LDEV-4342 - Lucee 6 Admin Services - update the default cache connection didn’t work
LDEV-4411 - Lucee 6 Web admin - login with correct password admin overview page throws error
LDEV-4522 - Lucee 6 Admin - cache page deleting the cache doesn’t work
LDEV-4539 - show memory usage as labels on admin overview page
LDEV-3268 - css issue - settings/proxy on admin in lucee 6
LDEV-4174 - Admin- Applications detail Page description details showing the <br> tags(lucee 6.0)
LDEV-4367 - Add Lucee Admin Language Editor Tool for rapid adding language resource files of the administrator

Bug fixes

LDEV-3355 - internal calls to the update provider need (shorter) timeouts
LDEV-3403 - GetTagData(“cf”,“admin”); returns no attributes
LDEV-3429 - crash in JavaCCompiler with jre1.8.0_281
LDEV-3496 - java.lang.VerifyError when using “local?.value” in if-condition.
LDEV-3531 - NPE lucee.runtime.config.ConfigImpl.getApplicationPageSource
LDEV-3616 - NPE with CallStackGet
LDEV-3618 - cfhtmlhead ignores body content with text attribute
LDEV-3702 - Closed task thread IDs are reused after Lucee restart (and should not be)
LDEV-3719 - CFThread “ElapsedTime” continues to go up after thread has finished executing.
LDEV-2281 - cfinput unimplemented attributes need to be flagged
LDEV-2495 - ACF 2018 Update 5 compat (new functions)
LDEV-2729 - replaceList() doesn’t handle optional args the same as Adobe CF
LDEV-2737 - CFSilent is not default bufferoutput=true and missing abort triger documentation
LDEV-3757 - cfexecute no-longer requires a closing tag in ColdFusion. Shouldn’t need one in Lucee either
LDEV-3809 - (java.lang.VerifyError) Message - Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target 4253
LDEV-3868 - PDF orientation test failing due to changed java api in PDFBOX 3.0x
LDEV-3916 - update 6.0 to not use removed GetConfigSettings BIF for checking single context mode
LDEV-3949 - listAppend/prepend argument includeEmptyFields doesn’t works with empty list
LDEV-3975 - ESAPI functions result in “CTOR threw exception” error with extension
LDEV-4004 - Regression - For in loop inside the queryEach callback are not thread safe
LDEV-4024 - listrest member function with offset argument throws an error
LDEV-4034 - Regression - application log datasource appender throws 500 – Internal Server Error on lucee restart
LDEV-4046 - Server.cfc/Web.cfc calls Application.cfc
LDEV-4101 - Encrypt issue using Base64, invalid character [=] in base64 string at position
LDEV-4132 - OSGI error with ESAPI extension [org.lucee.esapi:;findbugsAnnotations:3.0.1;]
LDEV-4135 - NPE
LDEV-4144 - NPE lucee.runtime.exp.PageExceptionImpl.addContext(
LDEV-4162 - NPE in CFMLFactoryImpl.getPageContextImpl
LDEV-4169 - Possibe deadlock with PhysicalClassLoader
LDEV-4221 - .cfconfig fails to import custom-tag and component mappings
LDEV-4239 - sax parser concurrency issue when loading function and tag library definitions (tld,fld)
LDEV-4260 - access graph.cfm with invalid query string throws file not exist error
LDEV-4306 - SetLocale(“English (UK)“) does not set United Kingdom locale.
LDEV-4315 - NPE at lucee.runtime.config.ConfigWebFactory._loadCache(
LDEV-4333 - add getApplicationSettings( onlySupported=boolean )
LDEV-4368 - Improve placeholder handling for config
LDEV-4423 - Lucee 6 breaks structDelete() with indicateNotExisting: true
LDEV-4428 - cfheader & cfparam tag with end tag throws error
LDEV-3028 - “The servlet context has already been initialized” error in Application.log of Undertow deployments
LDEV-3034 - binaryDecode() and toBinary() are decoding invalid base64 date
LDEV-3117 - cfexecute directory=”#GetTempDirectory()#" throws error
LDEV-3342 - stackoverflow with getConfigServer()
LDEV-3242 - NPE customtag and server.cache in admin (listCTCache)
LDEV-3253 - listLen() with “includeEmptyFields” argument is 0 for empty string
LDEV-4532 - lucee 5 lucee-web.xml isn’t being imported into 6
LDEV-4466 - OSGI error with memcached driver extension
LDEV-4426 - NPE in controller thread
LDEV-4533 - Regression - some redis tests fail as they create and then don’t have a cache connection (name, non default, server level)
LDEV-4525 - mssql can’t connect in 5.4, throws the driver couldn’t connect - 12.2.0.jre8


LDEV-4028 - add greenmail to build for smtp tests including tls/ssl support
LDEV-4076 - some testbox errors aren’t being reported with stacktraces
LDEV-3389 - add auto deployLco option to build
LDEV-3412 - Add warm up test to build process
LDEV-4261 - build must always display Caused by: sections of java stacktraces
LDEV-4179 - add broad test set of support for various image formats
LDEV-3568 - Better JDBC extension config for tests
LDEV-3851 - build process should use an older loader jar to expose problems
LDEV-3541 - test sort order on linux is random compared to windows
LDEV-4252 - list failed tests on github action run summary page (use $GITHUB_STEP_SUMMARY)
LDEV-3820 - update ant build scripts to support java 15 which doesn’t bundle a javascript scriptx engine
LDEV-4102 - LUCEE_ENABLE_WARMUP doesn’t work with 6 due to single context
LDEV-4053 - 6.0 build failing on upload to s3 step
LDEV-4065 - lucee 6.0 build looking wrong /test directory for testcase
LDEV-4117 - add ldap service to build
LDEV-4309 - add a random sort order for tests, -DtestRandomSort=“true|false|randomizeSeed”
LDEV-4379 - build: if a testcase won’t compile, manually sniff and check for skip=true or throw
LDEV-4384 - Lucee 6.0 build needs to download org.lucee.commons.logging
LDEV-4452 - migrate build to use Maven Artifact Resolver Ant Tasks instead of Maven Ant Tasks
LDEV-4013 - require all labels to match when filtering by tests by labels
LDEV-4018 - remove dependency on compress and esapi for the build test cases
LDEV-4526 - build: fail when a configured service is not available (service / java )


LDEV-3343 - remove unsupported old tech, applets, flash, mediaplayer, video (473 KB)
LDEV-3345 - remove old ajax extension files from lucee core
LDEV-4477 - remove xmpcore from lucee core
LDEV-3234 - remove duplicated context files in source
LDEV-3263 - remove old java concurrent support (289 KB)
LDEV-3265 - remove old ldap jars, now built into the JRE (203 KB)
LDEV-4072 - remove old extensions from default install (chart,lucene,form,ajax,axis) (saves 10.4MB)
LDEV-4120 - remove old stax and css2 jars

Java Library Updates

LDEV-3869 - update commons-compress to 1.23
LDEV-3870 - update commons-io to 2.11
LDEV-4060 - update felix to 7.0.5
LDEV-4193 - add possibility to define bootdelegation via system property
LDEV-4299 - switch to jsch fork (mwiede/jsch)
LDEV-4205 - update ehcache to
LDEV-4284 - Update apache tika to 1.28.5
LDEV-4386 - update to jna 5.13.0
LDEV-1526 - update HyperSQL 2.7.2 (HSQLDB) for QoQ (CVE)
LDEV-3447 - update apache to 3.9 (from 3.3)

Internal Request

LDEV-4030 - internalRequest not parsing set-cookie headers
LDEV-3917 - _internalRequest() result missing Content-Type and Content-Length
LDEV-3716 - _internalRequest() losses the form scope with sameFormFieldsAsArray=true
LDEV-4199 - internalRequest ignores method


LDEV-3573 - WDDX doesn’t escape single ticks in struct keys creating invalid XML
LDEV-4392 - Lucee parses empty WDDX differently than Adobe


I’m really impressed with the HUGE work done by the whole team.
Many many many thanks guys.

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