Lucee 5 Install with microsoft SQL Express

Hi everybody,
I’ve got a new notebook and tried to install lucee with IIS and MS SQL Express Server.
It runs under Windows 11.
Is there anybody (maybe talking german :slight_smile: ) who can help me with Teamviewer support.
It allways tells me, that my sql server didn’t accept tc ip, but i am sure, that he accept it.
You can reach me under I will call back and if you could send me a bill, I will pay for it.

Thank you


Go to control panel
Go to Add programs
Install New Feature IIS
or download visual studio and choose web development, and click ASP, then select IIS express and MSSQL Server Developer.

During Install of MSSQL, choose mixed authentication. You can choose other options as you wish.

Install then configure MSSQL SERVER

You need to run SQL Agent

Go to Apps
Go to SQL Server Configuration Manager
Click SQL Server Services
Click SQL SERVER AGENT, right click and choose start
Click SQL Server Network Configuration
Click Protocols for MSSQLSERVER

On Protocol Make sure it ses Enabled “YES”
On IP ADDRESS make sure IP Address is Enabled

Now Restart the MS Agent and server services.

Now open up Microsoft SQL MANAGEMENT STUDIO and add a user for Lucee
under the logins section
Map the user as DBO non expiring password to your new database

Now download Lucee from
click through the options and choose IIS connector

Lastly login into the Lucee administrator and add a friendly connector name for the database you just created using the login you just entered.

Hi Terry,
thank you for your tips!!!
I found it. The SQL-Server has another entry for the port. This entry was “blank”.
I entered the port there and it works :slight_smile:

Thank you again!



I wouldn’t use iisexpress, i’d use chose IIS. (item below express)

Agreed but he is using Windows 11 so its a dev install.