Lucee 5, fails with array.filter()

When I try:

Plus, it also fails in:

It fails, in Lucee 5, but works in Lucee 4.5 and 6 Beta.
I don’t know whether this is an issue with the way TryCf is set up, but array.sort() fails as well. I suspect that many other array BIFs, fail in the latest version of Lucee 5?

I wasn’t able to get TryCF to work with Lucee 5, but seems like the host is down / Cloudflare is not able to reach it.
It does seem to work with a fresh Lucee Express install.

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They must be using an old version of Lucee 5? :thinking:

You don’t say in which way you are perceiving array.filter or array.sort to “fail”, and given the results seem the same for both code examples on 5 & 6, you might need to elaborate a bit.

When saying something doesn’t work, it’s helpful if you say what your expectations are, and how they’re not being met…


Hi Adam

Yes. Sorry. Good point:

Here is the code I used.

Strangely, everything is working now?
Maybe, an update was applied to the Lucee 5 server on

Anyway, when it was failing, the error pointed to the line where it says:

Line 25:


And also:

Line 48:


Um… the Lucee5 instance had been screwed for a few days (it’s up again now). No code run on that instance was working.

You’re not just misinterpreting the error one gets when it’s down (“syntax error in [some unrelated line of code]” or something like that) with an error in the code yer trying to run?