Lucee 5.3 on Linux Debian 10

As I have no answer in DEV category, I repost in SUPPORT category.
May be, nobody can help with this ?

I will set up a new environment for Lucee and have some questions,
I leave Lucee in the Windows environment and go to Linux.
(I am newbie on Linux)

I have installed the Linux Debian 10 buster (I use console mode)
and Apache 2.4

I have downloaded the Lucee installer file :

I will run it into the “/etc/lucee_install” directory I have just created in “/etc”

I wonder those questions :

1 - Does Java comes with Lucee installer (or does it comes with Linux)
2 - Does Tomcat comes with Lucee installer
3 - Where Lucee will be installed (what directory)
4 - Should it work on Linux Debian 10 buster
5 - Should it run with Apache 2.4

After evaluating these, I will start.
There is no rush. If all works, I will keep it.
(I will see later on for Database choice)

Else, I will go back to windows. (I already tried, all works fine)

php 7.3 is also installed, I will not use it. (I am found of CFML)

Thanks for help and assistance.

Good questions…

  1. Java comes with the lucee installer, but you can also install it via most linux distros eg with apt or yum

  2. Tomcat also comes with the lucee installer, you can also install it via a linux distro, but it will take some work to configure

  3. Usually /opt/lucee

  4. I would think so

  5. Yes

Hope that helps get you going.

Pete Freitag

Thanks a lot for answers.
I feel more comfortable.
I will start this next week.
And let know the results in this thread.
(I will use the installer)

Starting Lucee install.
When doing return on the file :
(command mode on Linux Debian 10)
Says : command introuvable (not found)

I did also : chmod +x
(before running)

As newbye on Linux, how to run a RUN file in command mode ?

Thanks to help.

No rush, I found it .

./ MUST preceed the file to be running (strange, but … it works)

Lucee Install is successfull with all default values from the installer.

And getting the lucee welcome message on http://myIP:8888

I continue.

Glad you got that working. There is documentation here if you need additional help: