Lucee Stable Release

This a minor bug fix release, which addresses a few bugs listed below, mainly relating to concurrency or errors under heavy load.

Anyone running is encouraged to update to this release.


LDEV-4162 - NPE in CFMLFactoryImpl.getPageContextImpl
LDEV-4169 - Possibe deadlock with PhysicalClassLoader
LDEV-4188 - regression: ints being returned as decimals
LDEV-4193 - add possibility to define bootdelegation via system property
LDEV-4204 - NPE - parallel processing, i.e. each() etc

Code Changes


If you find any problems, please post here on the forum before any creating tickets in jira

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Why do you specifically single-out that version?

1 Like was the previous release of has regressions on errors under heavy load and number handling

LDEV-4162 - NPE in CFMLFactoryImpl.getPageContextImpl
LDEV-4188 - regression: ints being returned as decimals
LDEV-4204 - NPE - parallel processing, i.e. each() etc


We’ve done a quick set of tests locally and it seems to be fine - we never hit the “under load” bugs in the previous release though despite having some long (>10s) requests in our apps.

We’ll probably get it on our public-facing prelive sites next week for a bit of a “bed in”.


Thanks for the specific clarification.

We’ll start piloting it in dev and upgrade prod “soon”.

There are not surprise “features” (that could break shit) between 160 and 166, yeah? Just that stuff?

We’ve been bitten on the bum by seemingly-trivial Lucee releases in the past so are a bit hesitant about upgrading it :-S

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Thank you… Are these fixes also in

Yes, of course, you can ensure this by the ticket fixed versions have 5.3.10.x too

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Is there a plan to make this available as an ARM build on DockerHub?

that’s a question for @justincarter and @markdrew

I see the arm builds…

You can always use it in the CommandBox-based ARM builds :wink:

Ah gotcha. Should I assume the 5.3.10 contains the fixes included in I’m not sure how much rolling-up is done in the versions.

@bdw429s :smiley: in this case, it would require a lot of changes - this is for work stuff, and exploring how I can change as a little as possible to the workflow.

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Just need @justincarter to kick off the build AFAIK?

I think i just figured it out (the action was on the multi-arch branch)

ok, It worked, i see arm builds appearing ! nice work @justincarter