Lucee Released

Following up on our stable release, we found a number of regression which have now all been addressed. We are doing a quick before releasing the second stable 5.3.9 release on Monday.

All the following fixes have already been QA-ed by the people who found the problems. Thanks for your help!

We have also finally got the full automated build process finally all working!

The / SNAPSHOT builds are up and available for testing via


LDEV-3028 - “The servlet context has already been initialized” error in Application.log of Undertow deployments
LDEV-3975 - ESAPI functions result in “CTOR threw exception” error with extension
LDEV-3978 - regression: Cflog stops writing to files
LDEV-3980 - jdbc commit issues using transactions and hibernate
LDEV-3976 - RamCache ou tof memory ignored
LDEV-3979 - Regression: Custom cookie parsing now used over servlet’s cookies

Code Changes

Give them a go and let us know if you find any regressions


Any chance getting this regression fixed?

This happened back in, but it’s a blocker for us because ehCache no longer works in distributed mode which is preventing us from putting Lucee into production.

FYI - It looks like the issue was broke in the EnvClassLoader.load() method. I would guess it wouldn’t be too hard to resolve. I suspect it’s just using the wrong logic to find the classes.

We will look into it, but i can make no promises it will make it into this release.


I really appreciate it. We were hoping to migrate our production environment to Lucee on May 21, but this is currently a blocker as we need the distributed cache to work. We have a multi-tenant app running on a cluster and we rely on ehCache to invalidate cache entries on all our nodes when changes occur.

I’m also spending today looking into the issue. If the fix indeed ends up involving the lucee.runtime.osgi.EnvClassLoader, if I stick an updated class/jar in the server/lucee-server/patches/ folder, Lucee should use it correct?